The Adorn Kanney shop is open!

The Adorn Kanney shop is open!

"Unboring clothes for the young at heart."

When shopping for clothes I am often underwhelmed at the dull shades of gray or blue garments that are either solid colors or minimal prints. "Maybe stop shopping at Costco" you might suggest. 👈

I could do that. I could also try and make my own clothes, which is exactly what I did for this year's Lunar New Year celebration. I drew a dragon threw it on a shirt and sold a few to my friends.

zodiac dragon 2024 t-shirt and two thumbs up

(This is obviously not a professional-looking product photo.  This is my friend James who does not know he'll be on this site.)

Well guess what? Creating that one shirt and this site has awakened in me a hidden brand designer who wants to take his shot. I've always been interested in art, design and fashion. Now it's time to flex these skills and see what I can do. 💪

I closed down the shop for two weeks to study on how to make the business work and to test out if I can come up with more ideas beyond the Zodiac Dragon.

The good news is I have a ton of inspiration and follow up designs in the works. It's been awesome to stretch out the old design muscles and translates ideas to pixels and garments. 🎨

On the business side, I am still learning and will share my progress on this blog. There is a lot of knowledge needed to make this all work and provide you all with quality products that you enjoy and get a lot of use from. 📯

As we are opening the store back up, I reimagining the Zodiac Dragon into a sporty all-print series where the elements flow across the garment. Now available we have the long-sleeve shirt, a re-designed t-shirt and matching pants.

zodiac dragon long sleeve, t-shirt and pants


I hope you join me on this journey by following along on this blog, social media or the newsletter. 👋


(The featured image above with the sunrise, almost dragon silhouettes and almost humans is full on generated AI art. I know some day it will be amazing but for now I find it really entertaining at how "almost" is makes things.) 😁


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